Why Altera?

You are from people who don’t think:

  • that there is only one solution and no other alternative;
  • that the legal medicine has set boundaries that should not be crossed;
  • that beyond the approved there are only doubtful decisions;
  • that the experience gained over the centuries must be deleted because of the successes of the modern;
  • that a tablespoon of protein will replace your nutritious and healthy food;
  • that iron appliances will replace the systems of natural movement of your body;
  • that the diagnosis can be made only by ECG, EEG and MRI but not by tongue and fingerprint diagnostics

You may never, rarely or often have touched Bulgarian herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Qigong therapy or yoga, but do not dismiss any of them as a possible alternative for prevention or treatment. You certainly need more and quality information on alternative medicine topics, and Altera takes care of that. But Altera does more:
– gives you access to experts who are recognized specialists in their share of alternative medicine;
– provides you with prevention and treatment products made from natural ingredients that have been tested for centuries.